What is a Green Mapmaker? Alongside our new open policy, this term is also evolving. We are indicating that it is changing in a small but significant way:

Literally, we are making space for creativity by separating the words ‘Map’ and ‘Maker’

Henceforth, ‘Green Map Makers’ can share many more of the different types of projects they have created on this website. Within the Creative Commons 4.0 parameters, much more is possible:

  • Green Maps: printed, interactive and multimedia
  • Experiences: workshops, exhibits, tours, games,
  • Learning: stories, research papers, GIS, curriculum tools
  • Art: multimedia, murals, icon art and signage
  • Consulting: community-engaged planning, placemaking, design for resiliency, wayfinding and interpretation
  • Products: t-shirts, posters, books, graphic elements,
  • Technology: apps, partnerships, tutorials
  • Tools: extension and translation of existing tools, creation of new tools to help guide local residents and visitors to take action

Green Map Makers, show us your stuff!

Create a Project Story about your map and other sustainability/social projects created with Green Map resources.

You can also contribute to a Facebook group page and tell everyone about the mapping platform you are using, or to share advice or a tool you have created. \

Please contribute to our co-evolution in your own thoughtful way. Want to design a presentation or graphics? Want to help promote Green Map publications and social media? Have an app concept that will help lots of people explore local Green Maps? Or an income generating concept?; We’d love to discuss your ideas with you. There are so many possibilities!

Many people have made Green Map what it’s known for today!

How do we even begin to thank and honor the pioneering Green Map Makers? Even though their maps and projects may have been local, there’s been considerable ‘technology transfer’ to new places, thanks to our innovative and thoughtful network. Take a look around - you will be inspired!   

So much has been accomplished under the Green Map banner - the Project Stories are the newest examples. More of the history is shared here, framed around the icons’ evolution. The skills and connections developed through this program have tremendous value locally and across the commons.

Policy update:

Formerly, each Green Mapmaker had an exclusive right to map a particular city. This policy was set when the cost of creating a Green Map was much higher. Now, with all the low-cost tools and available options, our open license, and Map Makers’ desire to map out or create projects in districts and regions that don’t conform to city borders, we have removed the exclusive policy.

Of course, if there is another Green Map project in the area where you are working, please extend your hand to them as it’s likely both of you can accomplish more together. Partnerships are powerful!

Going open and developing our new ‘operating system’ has also been a collaborative process - special thanks to our Board of Directors, Map Maker Advisors group and all of the Team who is making this a reality.