Our 65-country movement, co-designed Icons and social mapping platform have all won awards and recognition. Green Map System is proud to be a winner or finalist for these prestigious honors; we have also included selected awards to Green Map projects around the world (and to our staff- we need recent awards). Below there's a list - could be a sidebar or ?

Awards to Green Map System and Green Map Projects

Our History shares more highlights.

We also impact the world through our books and guides, media and Archives. Green Map System, has also:

  • Worked with more than 125 interns in our New York office. These university students extend their abilities through this experience.
  • Collaborated with cities, schools and communities, resulting in more local action and engagement
  • Given talks, ranging from keynote addresses to quick Ignite pitches around the world
  • Welcomed international visitors and exchanged vital resources
  • produced dozens of public events and our own local Green Maps, as seen in the Stories and at GreenMapNYC.org.

Our impacts are so varied! We co-created a book with Green Map Japan that features locally-written short stories about the impacts of projects on schools, communities, city policy, even companies, all seeking to reduce risks and increase quality of life. Updated in 2014, download “Green Map Impacts” free.

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Mapping our Common Ground
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