Being part of the Movement

Making a Green Map has always been a local project. It’s a springboard, and can positively impact all the different places and people in your community.

Local people take initiative by organizing a team and involving the wider community in the process. Together, the mapping adds meaning and magic to daily life.

While it’s possible to make a Green Map in a few days, there is much to be gained by taking it slowly. Some projects create a series of maps and other kinds of projects at the same time. Others work iteratively, planning annual editions to include more voices and issues.

Becoming a Green Map Maker

The definition of Green Map Maker is evolving alongside our ‘going open’ process. Mapmaker used to mean a person or organization that registered and paid to gain the right to use our name, icons, and tools. Now that we have gone open, we are un-coupling ‘map’ and ‘maker’. Literally, we have added space for your ‘beyond the map’ outcomes!

As part of ‘platform diversification’, it’s become more difficult to show all the Green Maps and their sites at once. However, you can sort the Project Stories to find outcomes that will inspire you.

Our license sets limits, but anything may be possible! Talk to us about your commercial ideas that use Green Map’s brand, icons or tools. Apps, games, tourism products, company Green Maps and partnerships that contribute to the vibrancy, health and sustainability of communities all have great potential.

We invite you to add your thoughts

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