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Green Map System has provided globally recognized icons, adaptable engagement and mapmaking tools that have helped nearly 1,000 locally-led projects in 65 countries visualize and work for sustainable community development. We inspire and empower each map making team to build leadership capacity, knowledge and networks as part of the mapping process. The resulting printed, interactive and multimedia Green Maps chart local green living sites and ecological, cultural and social justice resources. These maps guide residents, decision-makers and visitors to make climate-smart everyday decisions that share the uniqueness of home and the resiliency of its environment.

Our mission includes fostering collaboration between these diverse mapmaking projects, and supporting beyond-the-map innovation. Together, we evolve the program, icons and tools to address the balance between social equity, environmental vitality and economic integrity in our rapidly changing communities and world. Now, as we ‘go open’ we invite you to join us from where you stand. Take part by creating a Green Map Project, and support this perspective-changing movement.