Bukittinggi, West Sumatra Green Map

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Story created by Green Map NYC in July 13, 2017

The Bukittinggi Green Map was completed by Jakarta team's Marco Kusumawijaya in June 2004. The city is a tourist area of Western Sumatra, not so far from Jakarta, Indonesia. The map is in English, and includes wonderful photos of places like the janjangs, the meandering stairs through this hilly town, its markets and traditions. In addition the map features buildings covered by shade trees and outlets for waste water.

Overall there are 103 sites featured on this colorful Green Map, which has been created in a beautiful print version that is available online.

The Green Mapmaker, Marco Kusumawijaya, is an architect and green space activist. Marco became well known through his books that defend Indonesia’s urban public places, including Rumah Kita (The City as Our Home, 2006) and Jakarta Metropolis Tunggang Langgang (The Scrambling Jakarta Metropolis, 2004). He has been actively involved in many unique public realm projects, and you can learn more about these efforts by reading his blog at the Rujak the Center for Urban Studies.