Hola LES Green Map

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Story created by Green Map NYC in March 27, 2017

The Hola LES Green Map charts the speculative future of the ever-changing Lower East Side! Named for its location between HOuston and DeLAncey streets, it highlights existing resources as well as conceptual projects that contribute to the community’s sustainability and sense of place.

Manhattan's vibrant Lower East Side is on the forefront of climate change (like all coastal communities). This map and the process of making it was developed to help increase the green spaces, sustainability and resiliency of the neighborhood.

The Hola LES map highlights an exciting mix: existing Green Map sites, development projects that are transforming the neighborhood, and speculative design ideas that can increase sustainability and resiliency. The map mingles official plans as well as bottom-up visions for these 36 blocks.

Created by Green Map NYC with Alice Arnold of A2 Studio and other community members, online you can find details of the research process used during the three mapping workshops, and more about the interviews with community members, historical research, and participation in Community Board 3 meetings. The map was built using the CARTO mapping engine platform and Green Map icons. Below, find the embed code to add this to your website!

This map was launched on May 7, 2016 as a Jane's Walk and a LES History Month event. Amazingly, we have had to update this map several times as the projects it features have evolved!

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