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Story created by Green Map NYC in June 19, 2017

Over the years, sustainable transportation enthusiasts have used their bikes to research (and distribute) many kinds of Green Maps.

One such mapping project began with Pedaling Brooklyn's Gardens, which was created in 1999 by Recycle a Bicycle. This is the very first youth-made Green Maps in the world!! Educator Roy Arezzo and middle school students worked to create a bicycle tour and presentations to the Community Board to celebrate and protect Greenpoint-Williamsburg's community gardens. This map is one of the reasons our global program at exists!


This project inspired several years of summer Green Map projects, and in the 4-week program, some which features the Demand Man and inspired the Demand Dragon which was created by youth in Wales (both featured above).

Another similar mapping project is called Stop Fronting, which was also created by Recycle a Bicycle. This 4 week summer project resulted is a great little map which questions the lack of public access to the East River waterfront in Brooklyn. Published in 2002, this map was a poignant part of the campaign involving the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and neighborhood organizations. Today there are great new parks all along this map’s route, as well as the Brooklyn Greenway-in-development.