Green Map Making brings people together!

The process can lead to a shared understanding and a vision through which a greener future can be shaped. Inclusion in the process can be a game changer, and can lead to much more than expected! Be open to new ideas that develop as a result. Everyone brings something different to the table, whether it’s knowledge, a skill, a connection, a resource or purely enthusiasm. Over time, it will all fit together and make your project remarkable and impactful.

Placemaking and Green Map Icons and methods go together, providing direction and systems-thinking to engaged planning and participatory projects of all scales. Whether the icons are used an inventory tool, a signage system, a guide book or to highlight a student's first mapping project, their lively, friendly appearance draw people in and help them decide where to go and get involved directly.

Books, Guides and more!

Here, you can explore featured tools, some created in-house, others contributed by Green Map Makers around the world.

Mapping our Common Ground
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