Open Green Map

Our own 'social mapping' platform

Designed and built for and by Green Map Makers, Open Green Map - “OGM” - debuted in 2009. Winning several important awards for its design and purpose, OGM empowered hundreds of new Green Map projects and supported the expansion of existing projects with its advanced capabilities. Map Makers can download data (CSV, KML) to view on other platforms, share as embeds, etc. Over the years, we added 9 languages, more features and apps, including the Mobile Site Collector, a dynamic webapp that supports data gathering, even offline.

At the six year mark, the third party software supporting OGM started changing more quickly. Without a significant influx of time and money, we could not fix features that stopped working, such as the ability to add routes and areas to maps. Despite the tenuous future of OGM, Map Makers continuously add new points and create new editions on this social mapping platform. Considering the issues and the fact that so many good mapping platforms are available now, we are encouraging new Map Makers to use these instead. Our tutorials include instructions for exporting existing OGM data to these newer mapping platforms too.

You can explore OGM here - the World View includes sites from every Open Green Map. It’s easy to select a site, and jump from its popup right to that map from a link at the bottom. You can add images and viewpoints to any site, contributing to this record of a place’s sustainability. OGM maps can be embedded and site data shared between multiple maps.

Our sincere thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers who developed this unique platform, and the hundreds of mapmakers and donors who helped us maintain it as a community resource. We are hopeful that the spirit it engendered will live on in our era of platform diversity. Over time, a new dynamic ‘map of the maps’ will help us share this movement’s evolution, as will the Stories generated and shared by local Green Map Makers.

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